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Seeplex STD6 ACE Detection

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The Seeplex STD6 ACE Detection for auto-electrophoresis system is designed to simultaneously detect 6 sexually transmitted disease (STD) pathogens from patients' samples (urine, endocervical/urethral swabs).


Key features

- Simultaneous detection of 6 different sexually transmitted disease
(STD) pathogens

- Multiplex PCR with high sensitivity and specificity by applying DPO™
(Dual Priming Oligonucleotide) technology
DPO™ (NET* approved) based primers contain two priming parts so that only target gene is specifically amplified.
*NET (New Excellent Technology) is approved Korea Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology.

Applicable for Auto-capillary Electrophoresis device
PCR amplicons are separated and analyzed automatically; consequently, rapid and easy interpretation of the results is made possible.

- Contamination Prevention System
One-time PCR reduces the carryover contamination risk, and 8-MOP, which is included in each set of products, eliminates the contamination risk from PCR.

Accurate system for interpretation of results
Internal control and positive control are included in each set of products.